Who are we?
Eleanor Avonside
I am definately fae. No exotic blends, just fae. I am a proud sl Mom, my foundling, Veela, lives with me. I am a loyal friend to my kin,and dear ones a designer, and beginner builder, and shop owner, but mostly a happy fae, perhaps with a bit of pixie at times!.
Zabulon Enoch
I am for a part elf/fae, with a touch of dragon! i am a long time sl, and F.C. resident(!). A builder, a dreamer, good at technical things.
Zabulon Enoch: to explore, FC is like home

Eleanor Avonside: ok, I just want you to say who Zabulon is?
Zabulon Enoch: the name came from one of my dreams...
Zabulon Enoch: I did not know who Zabulon was... could it be me, or someone else.. that was my first thought
Zabulon Enoch: it was scary in the beginning, but not anymore... I had won the fight in the dream,
so I created Zabulon Enoch in Second Life

How it came to be

Of course, prior to this project, Zabby and I had seen each other, at FC events, Merry Meeted and Merry Parted, many times. We became friends, or at least added eachother to our lists at the Plucked wing.

We got to know each other, better , as we took the Merry Meeter classes together, and realized we were neighbors! We became gateway guides / helpers at the same time, and then spent many hours there talking, between helping the newbies. And our project was born, while sitting on mushrooms, at the gateway.
We decided to do a big project together. I wanted to use music but that was a bit abstract, and we came upon the idea of a book with music. (a funny coincidence is that Zab had used a song text to give an impression of himself in his profile, not realized by myself until the project was nearly complete.GMTA!)

We eventually decided to make it something really worth doing, and a challenge! More talk, more ideas and this is what evolved.

give our impression of each sim with music clips
and a text
a book form
and photos
and points of interest
and a Website

What it meant to us
Zabulon Enoch: lot of fun, also challenging... it was a challenge to express feelings in FC... you the words, we both the images.. and with the book we still had to do the music
so it was also a bit more work than expected
Eleanor Avonside: yes! The work seemed to mushroom , got way bigger than I had expected. but I was determined to learn all I could about the FC, the place I chose as home
Zabulon Enoch nods :)
Eleanor Avonside: But when I saw how good it was, I thought it would be worth the effort

Zabulon Enoch: oh yes, indeed

Was there a reason, aside from being assigned as homework, for you to do this big a project?

Zabulon Enoch: it was a technical challenge for me too... at the start I thought , was sound (music parts) and LSL

Eleanor Avonside: yes! and the feelings,
Zabulon Enoch: oh yes, lots of feelings :)
Eleanor Avonside: which were?

Zabulon Enoch:I always wanted to do the merry meeter homework in the past, but I (my alt) stopped with it.
it was not my time to do it
Zabulon Enoch: My break up, turned my SL upside down.. sold my land in Faerie mere (my alt) and a week later I bought land in Wildefleur (Zab)
Zabulon Enoch: I wanted to pick up everything in FC

Eleanor Avonside: oh my, sounds like me, too, broke up, came back to FC, and was determined to be a part of the community here
Zabulon Enoch: almost the same story
Zabulon Enoch: except I was my alt, for the main part in FC

Eleanor Avonside: What have you gotten out of our work, for yourself?

Zabulon Enoch: I have learned more about the sims here, I know more places now
Eleanor Avonside: Wow, me too! amazing how much I hadn't seen before!

Eleanor Avonside: and I have a new respect for the beauty and the builds, here!
And, I think I have made a new friend, hihi, a very special one! You!

Zabulon Enoch: and you are a special friend too

The website

The Music we have selected to give a musical impression of each sim can be found on the website, as the small 9 second clips brought into second life seemed inadequate, and difficult to use. It implies only the impression for us, at that moment in time, in that place, with the feelings we had then.

We did this with a great and ever growing love, for all to enjoy...
certainly we did not include everything, much more could be said
only our impressions, feelings evoked by each sim in us, others will have far different points of view, and that's
the unique quality of FC

Thank Yous
We want to make a point of saying thank you to all fae and friends that have helped us along the way. First our Mentors, Meadow, and Bugs, without whom, we never would have finished. Thanks so much for your patience and support! And the other sweet fae who showed up for our photos all across the sims, and all the patience of our close friends, for the long waiting, the putting up with our busyness all this time. And for all the well wishes, and other support. Thank you to the builders of our Faery Crossing, thank you for this incredible place of inspiration. Thanks, to all of you, we do appreciate it!